DLE makes it a priority to look for and nurture diverse talents. With the unique challenges that we encounter in every project, it is critical that we provide ample resources to our employees to help them excel at every step.


Training & Career Path

DLE provides equal opportunities for all our employees to build their careers, improve their capabilities, and fulfill their dreams. From in-house seminars by distinguished academic professors to sponsored external courses, we ensure that there is an array of programmes and avenues in which everyone can learn and grow. New employees start with a comprehensive mentorship program that builds a strong foundation for their careers. More experienced employees continue to grow to become leaders in the field.

The strong leadership at DLE coupled with a decentralised management structure empowers employees to take initiative, contribute ideas, and be invested in the company. DLE management is actively involved in dialogues with all levels of employees and is open to new and unique perspectives.

Dynamic Work Environment

DLE currently has a pool of exceptional talents from different nationalities, including Singapore, China, Malaysia, Myanmar, and the Philippines, resulting in a stimulating and dynamic work environment. At DLE, it is evident that we value and promote cross cultural understanding in a positive atmosphere as we groom every employee to their full potential. DLE employees work together as a team to support and build one another’s strengths.

Supporting Good HR Practices

DLE is also a firm supporter of good HR practices. In 2015, DLE signed the HR pledge with BCA to demonstrate our commitment towards a better built environment workplace. In 2016, 2017 and 2018, we were nominated as finalists for the prestigious HRM Awards – SME Employer of the Year in recognition of our efforts to promote good HR practices and commitment to human capital.

Work Life Excellence Award

DLE is proud to be awarded the Tripartite Alliance Award 2018 – Work Life Excellence Award. The Award, conferred by the tripartite partners namely SNEF, NTUC and MOM, recognises companies who excel in building fair and progressive workplaces.

The construction sector may not be the first industry that comes to mind when talking about work-life strategies. Needless to say, it’s even harder in a small-medium enterprise due to the limited resources. However, here at DLE, we firmly believe in creating a strong family culture, where we want to support our employees as much as possible so that they can contribute at their best.

With a greater sense of ownership, we find that our staff will go the extra mile for the company, for their clients and also for their colleagues, and this improves the work culture and job satisfaction. When we look after the well-being by having health screenings and conducting health talks and activities, both physical and mental, of our staff, and help them to stay healthy, they will be able to work more effectively and productively.

DLE management is actively involved in dialogues with all levels of employees and is open to new and unique perspectives.